Player Races

As a DM I don’t like saying no to the players. While certain classes had to be redistricted due to thematic concerns, all of the core races in the Pathfinder system work perfectly in Age of Bronze. In order to get a feel for the world or ideas for new characters, here are the reimagined descriptions of the races of Pathfinder.


Dwarfs are famous for being amongst the first city builders, united with their human allies they raised mighty city-states and powerful armies along the fertile rivers that criss-cross the dry savannah of the Dwarro. An industrious and hard working race, the dwarfs worship Mardus, who gave them law and civilization, who lead them from the dark mountain tunnels of their ancestors and into their promised land. Along with being hard workers, dwarfs are born fighters, tough and dependable. A phalanx of dwarf soldiers are as unmovable as their walled cities. While dwarfs may share a common heritage and culture, they see themselves as citizens of their city-states first.
Dwarfs are the chosen people of Mardus.


Elves hail from the north, in the enchanted lands of Hyberbia. In Hyberbia the presence of the primal spirits is stronger then anywhere else. Elves see themselves as the chosen people of the spirits, and are blessed with extraordinary long lives and vitality. They live for the most part in small tribal clans, but they tend to congregate in informal settlements around the shores of lake Shymeral. Elves generally get along well with gnomes and barbarian human tribes, but are distrustful of civilized cultures.
Elves are the chosen people of Selunetha.


Of all the races, Gnomes are the most touched by the strange, otherworldly power known as magic. They appear to be more in-tune with the arcane winds, undetectable to so many others, and more gnomes are born as sorcerers then any other race in the world. This leads many to distrust and suspect gnomes of dealing with unknown forces. As such, gnomes are a secretive race, who prefer to stay out of the way of the big races. However, those that manage to gain the trust and friendship of a gnome, will find a light-hearted and faithful ally.
Gnomes are the chosen people of Kera.


The elves of Hyberbia have been known to wander from their lands, and have often made dealings with nomadic human tribes who thrive in the north. With such dealings and unions, the mingling of these two bloodlines was not hard to predict. Half-Elves combine the vitality and beauty of the elves, with the adaptability of humanity. Just as many half-elves have stayed in the north with their elven kin as they have moved south to the cities of men and dwarf.
As a hybrid race, Half-Elves are young and no god has chosen them yet.


Out of the brackish marshes of Or’Kash came hordes of orc marauders, who came to crush the jeweled cities of the west beneath their filth encrusted feet. It was out of the brutual and perverse ways of this savage and depraved race were the half-orcs born, unfortunate offspring of man and orc. Half-Orcs posses the humanity and intelligence of humanity, but each must deal with the savage bloodlust inside. Many half-orcs learn to control and channel their racial fury, unleashing it only in the heat of battle, becoming and whirl wind of death and destruction. But others have eliminated it altogether, and slowly, have carved a place for themselves in the cities of the Dwarro.
As a hybrid race, Half-Orcs are young and no god has chosen them yet.


This diminutive race of nomadic river folk are just as famous for their brightly ornate art work and carefree lives, as they are for trickery and theft. Halflings make a living as semi-nomadic traders, living on board bright reed boats that traverse up and down the rivers of the Dwarro, trading goods and stories. This short, diminutive race lacks the physical strength to go toe-to-toe with monsters and bandits that threaten their safety. Instead, they have learned to fighter smarter, not harder, deploying trickery and subterfuge to win the day.
Halflings are the chosen people of Worven.


No race is more wide spread and adaptable then humanity. Their tribes and cultures cross the whole of the know world, from the Sea of Sands to the Frozen Wastes. Short lived but courageous and driven, humans have pushed themselves to excel where ever they go. They range from savage barbarians to skilled artisans and farmers. They worship every god and primal spirit. But there is a dark side, for no race is more tempted by the promises and evil and greed then man. And for just as many heroes and kings there have been villains and tyrants.
Humans are the chosen people of Amman.


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