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Age of Bronze.

Age of Bronze is an exciting campaign setting for Pathfinder that takes place at the dawn of civilization, inspired by cultures and myths from the late-Neolithic/early Bronze Age.

In this world there are no huge empires, only small city states, fighting for survival on the edge of dangerous and unexplored world filled with savage danger. Magic is a mysterious, barely understood force. The gods are dark, violent, and often demand sacrifice. This is were magic clashes with the mundane, civilization battles to hold off barbarian hordes, and were the gods themselves wage war against primal spirits for the greatest prize of all; the mortal soul.

Are you brave enough to leave the safe confines of your walled city-state and mark your spot on this wild and untamed land? Here, the heroes will become the legends that will last for thousands of years and shape the history of the world. The losers, will be cast to the wind, forgotten and ignored.

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