Exploration and venturing into the unknown is one of the core themes of Age of Bronze. The maps are empty and huge, waiting to filled by brave adventurers. But a story can’t exist inside a vacuum. It needs a few good points of reference to anchor the adventure and provide a sense of history and backdrop. The world is young but it’s not brand new.

The Dwarro

The cradle of civilization. Along the banks of its fertile rivers stands the combined might of dwarfs and man. It was here that the first crops were planted and first animals domesticated. Some of these cities have stood for thousands of years and are ruled by kings and priests instead of chieftains and shamans. Others have been lost to time and the desert, its riches ripe for the taking. But it is also a land of struggle and war, if they aren’t holding off hordes of orcs and barbarians, the city-states squabble amongst each other. In the city of Ammrok, a mighty king prepares the grandest army the world has ever seen, herald of future kingdoms and empires to come.






The Dales

The crossroads of the world, the Dales lie between the mighty city-states of the Dwarro, the ethereal magics of Hyberbia, and the horde of rampaging orcs spilling out of Or’Kash. It is a struggling land where fledgling communities strive to hold back a dark and dangerous world. It is here more then anywhere else were heroes can make a name for themselves, defending the few pinpricks of light in a sea of darkness waiting to engulf it.

The River Sineron



Far to the north lies the enchanted land of Hyberbia, where the primal spirits run free and the winds of magic flow easily.

Lake Shymeral

The Sea of Sands

The Dwarro may be a desert but it is feed and irrigated by snowmelt rivers from the Wastes. No such luck. Spreading south for as far as the eye can see stretch the nearly endless dunes of the Sea of Sands. A parched, empty land almost completely devoid of life. Only the dark skinned nomadic horsemen know the way to the secret springs and oasis that pocket the deserts, islands of water in a sea of sand, and they guard this knowledge violently.



Flowing south from the plateaus and mountains of the Frozen Wastes, snow melt rivers empty into a thick, steaming jungle, forming rich swamp delta. It is a feral, dangerous, and untamed land inhabited by all manner of deadly monsters. It is rumored that the orcs came out of this land as they ravaged their way across the West.

Mount Jaggar

The Death Mires

The Frozen Wastes

Nestled at the roof of the world lies a chill, windswept plateau of ice and snow. Few beings are able to survive in this hostile land, but those who do are feared across the world. For the few scant months when the lands around the edge of the wastes experience summer, the thawing ice feeds the mighty rivers that crisscross the land. Wandering barbarian tribes of humans and half-orcs make up the only humanoid races in the Frozen Wastes.


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