Age of Bronze has a completely unique and separate pantheon from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Given the theme of the game, most of these gods are inspired by or based off deities from Mesopotamia to Ancient India. If none of these gods suit you, players are free to invent their own and add them to the pantheon.

There are two classifications of gods: Greater Gods and Primal Spirits. Greater Gods are universal and worshiped across the world, but dwell in the planes and cannot directly interact with the Prime Material. Primal Spirits are local, worshiped usually by those who live in their territory, but can directly interact with the Prime.

Greater Gods


Portfolio: God of sun and light
Alignment: NG
Domains: Sun, Protection, Good
Favored Weapon: Mace
Amman is said to carry the sun across the sky everyday in a reed boat. At night he descends into the Lower Plains, traveling across the River Styx, until he appears again on the other side of the world.


Porfolio: God of slavery, tyrants, and devils
Alignment: LE
Domains: Evil, Law, Fire
Favored Weapon: whip
The tyrannical Baal rules the Nine Hells as his domain with an iron fist. Devils are his subjects and the souls of the damned and lost are his slaves.


Portfolio: God of justice, mercy, and Metallic Dragons
Alignment: LG
Domains: Good, Protection, Law
Favored Weapon: greatsword
Bahmut was split when the original dragon god Io was slain by Mardus. He embodies the virtues of justice and mercy, and sired the Metallic Dragons as his children.


Portfolio: Goddess of crops, the seasons, and farming
Alignment: N
Domains: Plant, Healing, Earth
Favored Weapon: sickle
Mardus gave civilization its laws, but Ceras gave it the crops it needs to sustain itself. Ceras brings life to fields when she hears the prays of her faithful, but only if they offer a portion of the harvest back to her as an offering.


Portfolio: Goddess of nature, beasts, untamed wilderness
Alignment: CN
Domains: Plant, Animal, Travel
Favored Weapon: shortbow
When the world was formed, it was Hakate who fell in love with the beasts of world for their savagery and cunning. She is both the gentle butterfly and the enraged bear. Hunter who wish for her favor must offer a portion of their hunt as thanks.


Portfolio: God of knowledge
Alignment: N
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Runes
Favored Weapon: quaterstaff
The god of knowledge is said to dwell on the Lawful Good plane in a massive library that holds all the knowledge his followers have gathered and offered to him. Iblis rewards his faithful with brief glimpses of the knowledge housed inside, and when they die they go on to be its librarians.


Portfolio: God of war
Alignment: N
Domains: Strength, Glory, War
Favored Weapon: greatsword
The god of war is said to give us our strength at birth. How we use it is up to us. Kakaras’ only commands are to never submit to cowardice or inequity.


Portfolio: Goddess of beauty, art, and medicine
Alignment: CG
Domains: Healing, Charm, Luck
Favored Weapon: unarmed strike


Portfolio: God of forges, creation, and bronze
Alignment: LG
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Earth
Favored Weapon: warhammer


Portfolio: God of law and civilization.
Alignment: LN
Domains: Law, Community, Nobility
Favored Weapon: longsword
Chief of the gods, Mardus slew Io for the right to rule. His laws are just but cruel, for as far as he is concerned the law is above all, even petty morality.


Portfolio: Goddess of murder, darkness, and poisons
Alignment: NE
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Death
Favored Weapon: dagger


Portfolio: God of water, the oceans, rain
Alignment: CN
Domains: Water, Air, Weather
Favored Weapon: trident
The man god of rain is vital to all the races of the world, and he knows it. Yearly he demands different, complex rituals and dances to earn his favor. Lands that are visited by drought often times have failed to meet his very specific demands.


Portfolio: Goddess of slaughter, greed, and Chromatic Dragons
Alignment: CE
Domains: Death, Destruction, Fire
Favored Weapon: greataxe
The twin of Bahamut, daughter of the slain Io. She is the constant enemy of Mardus, and her children, the Chromatic Dragon, take great delight in the massive hordes they steal in her name.

The Masked One

Portfolio: Goddess of death and fate
Alignment: LN
Domains: Death, Repose, Knowledge,
Favored Weapon: scythe
The goddess of death has chosen no name, for she is death and death is her, and in time all things, even gods, enter her domain. Her clerics are often responsible for funeral and mortuary practices. Those who wish to call her something, give her the title of the Masked One.


Portfolio: Goddess of the moon, love, and loss
Alignment: CN
Domains: Luck, Charm, Travel,
Favored Weapon: shortsword
Selunetha is said to have fallen in love with the sun god. When he descends at night to ride the River Styx, she stands watch, illuminating the night so that her beloved can find his way back.


Portfolio: God of evil, the Abyss, and demons.
Alignment: CE
Domains: Evil, Chaos, Destruction
Favored Weapon: greataxe
The demon god of the abyss, Seth’Kaas demands constant violence and blood form his follwers. While demons are his children, many monstrous races such as orcs and gnolls carry out their massacres in his service.


Porfolio: God of trickery, lawlessness, and music
Alignment: CN
Domains: Trickery, Luck, Liberation
Favored Weapon: spear
A wondering, free spirited god beloved by the halflings. Worven is said to aimlessly wonder the world, playing his flutes and bringing mischief wherever he goes. Obviously not to be trusted in realms of Mardus.


Portfolio: God of madness, insanity, the beyond
Alignment: CE
Domains: Evil, Madness, Chaos
Favored Weapon: spiked chain
This dark god is said to have come from beyond the planes themselves. A strange and alien deity, he attracts small pockets of insane cultists, whom he orders to commit random acts of violence and depravity in his name.

Primal Spirits

Primal Spirits are a part of the world just as much as the world is a part of them. They have been tied to the Prime Material since time immemorial. They are everywhere and simply too numerous to count. They can range in powers to minor spirits who grow the grass and blow the wind, mindless things that have fallen under the sway of higher powers. Others are powerful enough to carve out their own territories. In these domains a primal spirit holds vast power, but outside it is practically helpless. Druids and Shamans worship these spirits in general, offering prayers and holding rituals to any nearby, as opposed to civilized clerics who follow a specific deity. The major difference between the two is that Druids revere nature first, and the spirits second.

Clerics who choose not to follow any of the gods but the primal spirits instead are known as Shamans. They are mechanically identical to Clerics, except that they can choose any two domains of their choice. Shamans become Ex-Shamans when they consistently act in away that is considered an affront to the primal spirits. Ex-Shamans loose all their powers and class features and cannot take anymore levels in Shaman, until they atone for their deeds with the atonement spell.


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